ACTIVITIES AT First art fair 2022


In 2022, the First Art Fair was festively opened by BIJ1. As the opening act, the portrait of chairman Sylvana Simons painted by Wim Heldens was revealed. His work was presented at the First Art Fair by Galerie Mooiman from Groningen. The portrait was shown for the first time at the First Art Fair. In the upcoming edition, the art fair will also be opened in a festive way and there will be a toast to the fourth edition of this sparkling New Year’s fair for contemporary art.

artist talks (In dutch)

Experience shows: if you know more about the motives of an artist, you understand his or her work better and you appreciate it even more.
In the upcoming edition, ARTIST TALKS will again take place at the First Art Fair. During this ARTIST TALKS, artists from the fair will take you on a journey through their creative thinking process and its elaboration. Do you have any questions for the artist afterwards? Then there is more than enough space to ask these questions or start a discussion. The ARTIST TALKS will take place in the Waterkantzaal on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The program will be published here.



Wine tasting at panorama deck

At the Panoramadeck the Dutch Wijnkoperij De Kasteelhoeve is happy to receive you for a wine tasting of their fantastic wine collection, while enjoying also the art and the spectacular view from the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam.

“De Kasteelhoeve has been importing quality wine from small winegrowers from all over the wine world since 1999. In our range you can find wine from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, but also countries such as South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand are represented. We now have more than 50,000 satisfied customers throughout the country. We are specialized in giving wine tastings at your home, or at your company and of course you are welcome at our farm that dates from 1850. ”
– De Kasteelhoeve